Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Satchel of Mary Jane's Secret Stash

This is a magic item I made up for the Dungeons and Dragons campaign I am running, specifically for Molly's Cleric of Mary Jane, Namfoodle.  

When Clerics of the Goddess Mary Jane reach a certain level of skill with their magic, and come to be accessed at one of the Central Temples, they are given a special satchel called a Secret Stash. The special magic properties of this satchel can only be accessed by a Cleric of Mary Jane.  Everyone else just sees within it six empty compartments.  But from these compartments a Cleric of Mary Jane can draw out six breeds of Herb that are stored at the Main Stash at the HEAD TEMPLE on the Island of Jai-May-Cai in the sacred city of WATSON.  With this special satchel, the Clerics of Mary Jane never need worry about running out of Mary Jane's own special brand of good vibes. 

SECRET STASH (Uncommon Magical Item)
            You can draw about six joints of each in a day.  Smoke the whole joint to get the effect.  Smoking a joint takes 10 minutes, but can be stretched out for an hour. 
            THC-IS-GOOD-FOR-ME:  A person who gets high on this gains a +5 to any saving throws that overcome illnesses or poisonings.  A person who gets high on this after incurring a penalty may reroll with the bonus.  May imbibe again after a short rest. 
            ALL GAIN NO PAIN:  A person who gets high on this grass gains back 1D8+CON MOD lost hit points.  They must wait one hour before they can gain this effect again (IE a short rest). 
             FLOW STATE:  You are just in it, man.  The universe makes total sense.  +2 To DEX and Wisdom scores for one hour, but -2 to INT.  This lasts for just one hour and the effect can’t be experienced again for a day. 
            GOOD VIBES: Wisdom modifier doubles for a cleric when turning undead.    Anyone else with a good alignment just feels super groovy and in tune with it all, and gains Advantage on Wisdom Saving Throws.  Neutral beings are unaffected.  Evil beings take a -4 to all stats and are poisoned.  Lasts for 3 hours. 
            COCOON:  There is like a blanket of high around you, protecting you and helping you ward off evil.  -2 to all damage you take that is nonmagical.  Things just don’t bother you, man.  -2 to CHA. Lasts one hour. 
            THE DELUXE:  This just gets you really, really stoned.  -3 to INT and DEX for 3 hours.  Good for selling for cash. 
            Any effects of one strain are wiped out when a new strain is smoked.