Sunday, May 3, 2009

Deadline FAIL

After that last post, I did some more writing last night. Then I did some more writing as soon as I woke up, and some more in this late evening. Now, I am a little burnt out at banging my head away at it. The opposite of feeling rusty (though no more productive). It's four pages long now, but I broke through my barrier. However, it is Saturday night, and I am not finished. Sigh. I guess I am going past deadline.

Luckily, the next story lined up in my mental queue consists of exactly one scene, and I know how how it begins and ends and who are the characters are. If I can just finish this first one after getting home from work tomorrow, then work on the next one a bit everyday, I should be easily back on schedule by next Saturday.

I also spent a lot of time today watching the latest episode of Dollhouse, and then reading various threads about it online. Holy Shit, that show is sweet. [Obligatory line about it being too bad that it will get canceled.]