Thursday, January 15, 2009


Whew, long time no blog!

Today, I did quite a bit of housecleaning, though I am by no means all the way there. I have been spending the last couple of days agonizing over SK. A few weeks ago, I wrote a detailed outline of the last section I had been putting off grinding out, and then I just kind of let it sit there. I could sense I wasn't happy with the way the story was taking shape, or the way it sounded. I kept coming up with things I didn't like about it, and I felt that the endless edits were just killing it, bleeding it of any vibrancy. Then, after cleaning, I tried doing some writing, skipping over the part I was working on to work on the next section. This section pretty quickly got to a point where I had been meaning to drop in an old story I had written, oh, years ago. I cut and pasted it in, and started reading it, to edit for (hopefully mostly) continuity. And sweet Jesus, it was terrible. Just really really really poorly written. Made me really begin to doubt myself. Was the stuff I writing now any good?

So, more cleaning, then I watched an interview on youtube with Salman Rushdie*, where he talked about developing your voice in writing, and that's when I realized the problem I had been having with what I was writing was that it wasn't in the voice I wanted for it, and I knew this all along. Maybe spurts of it are but...I don't know. I jotted down a couple of notes in my scrap notebook about elements I wanted in the "voice" of SK. Then, a new way to telling the beginning the first chapter came to me. I grabbed a fresh notebook and started writing it. The events of the opening are now so fresh to me I can almost write its events from memory. I got a couple leafs in a felt much better.

So, I have committed myself to completely rewriting it, by hand, in a notebook. I am thinking the improvements in the new take are worth it, but one way or another I need to stop being so precious about it all and get used to rewrites.

I also reread the first two chapters of Wheelock's Latin today. I really want to regain that skill again, and I think a firm knowledge of Latin is essential to getting the eventual voice of SK right. So, here's me committing to making sure I stick to writing in the notebook and working my way through Wheelock.

...Oh, and here's the interview with Salman Rushdie:

Watch it! It's very good!

*At some point while letting the interview play, I also readjusted the distance of my double-bass drum beaters, making half the distance from the head. This has immediately increased my speed and accuracy. I can get reasonably close to thrash speed now, and with no noticeable change in sound or volume!