Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Today and yesterday I worked on an finished (with the exception of minor edits and additions) the sixth section of that last thing that I mentioned. I think I am going to jump back in and trying outlining out section seven, so I am still in the breach, or at least about to go once more into it, but I just wanted to stop and take a moment to record the occasion.

I am thinking now that maybe it isn't such a bad idea to do this writing blogging. Sure, I can't really use it as a place to sketch out my ideas and talk through what I am working on, but that's what my notebooks are for anyways. I think just using this a a place to record that I am writing, in a basic recording-what-you-did-during-the-day type of journal, is a useful tool. If I get in the habit of posting a progress report, maybe I will keep up my momentum. Just taking the time to verbalize it in a pseudo-public way exerts a little bit of pressure, which is good for me.

Still, I think I should get on posting some thoughts on, you know, stuff, at some point. This blog will be pretty disappointing if there is absolutely no substance on it.