Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Collaging in the future

Shit, what is it today, Wednesday? Tuesday? Anyways, yesterday morning and the night before that I wrote a whole bunch of stream of consciousness notes in my notebook that I need to edit out and cut and past and collage into a version of the main character's thoughts in the most recent story. So, I have that to do, typing, and then grueling editing to do.

Also, I rewrote a portion of the ending from the story before that, taking into account the criticisms from Anne and Boyle and the ideas about changing it that Anne and I hammered out. I got stuck though, as I think that the remaining edits will be some combination of the old material cut and pasted and collaged, and some new material, including a mention of certain integral character who shows up at the beginning, leaves and then is never mentioned again.

So, basically it seems what I have to do next is a bunch of grunt work, which I have been putting off, on account of being a lazy bastard, and this post is a way for me to expunge all that grumpy layaboutism and get off my ass. So.