Sunday, March 6, 2011

Magic on Venn-La

There are many different magical disciplines on Venn-La. 
  • telekinesis. controlling objects with one's mind.  allows for flight.
  • scrying. seeing the future or present, or past.  several different methods developed to tap into this, including merely concentrating upon the mind's eye, but also using methods such as mirrors or pools or entrails of beasts. 
  • mind control.  usually used for the taming of wild beasts.  use on other kuls is outlawed in most lands. 
  • energy control.  like telekinesis, only with energy not matter.  lncludes manipulating fire, light, lightening, but also controlling temperature or creating illusions.
  • spirit walking.  making one's spirit leave one's body and go waking and traveling elsewhere, then returning with what information one has gained.
  • teleportation.  moving your body from one place to another, traveling in the corridors between reality. 
  • healing powers.  The manipulation of energy at a deeper level to heal and alter the body.  can also be used in the cultivationg of plants or animals, imbuing them with more spirit or order.
  • transmogrification.  turning one substance into another.  water to wine, lead to gold.  
  • necromancy.  controlling the dead or spirits of the once living.  often illegal, and widely viewed as evil.
  • wizardry.  simply shaping or altering reality in total with one's own will.  creating something from nothing.  Very rare, often outlawed.  such a being, if suffiently powerful,  can become like a god.
Many of these abilities can be used in a variety of creative ways to perform many technological functions.