Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dead Billy (part 4)

‘Guys?  It’s me, Billy.  The door’s locked, guys.  Guys, can you unlock the door? The door’s locked.  We never lock the door.’
Gavin and Sean were looking right at each other.  Neither of them was blinking.  Gavin raised a finger to his lips.  Sean nodded weakly.
‘Hey, guys, you’re there, right?  It’s me, Billy.  I heard you talking.  You’re in the living room, right?  Just unlock the door, guys.’
Slowly, shaking, Gavin turned around and started walking, quietly, not turning back to look at Sean. 
‘Why didn’t you take the knife out, guys?  It hurts so bad.  Please open the door and take it out.’
Gavin walked right past the door and over to the microwave.  He took out his Hot Pocket.  He stood there at the counter, facing the cabinets, eating his Hot Pocket.
‘Guys, please open the door and take out the knife.’
Gavin dropped his Hot Pocket, turned around and ran.  He ran through the kitchen, out the door and down the street.  He didn’t turn around or look back.  He just kept running.