Saturday, April 18, 2009

ugh 2

So, another week of work, another week of not writing. My apartment still isn't clean, though I got a bit of it done. The living room, at least, has lots of floor space, and the sink is mostly empty. I did get my federal taxes sent out, so that's good. The state taxes are still sitting around, but I have until the 30th for those, so no worries just yet.

I think this confirms to me that writing really is reliant on momentum. After I let it atrophy for a bit, it just went away, and didn't come back. Even if I don't write much, with this coming week of work I need to just write something everyday, no matter how short or pithy, just to keep the mental faculty working. Knowing that it needs a certain level of practice (and not just knowing it intellectually, but instinctively) is very helpful moving forward. I just need to get the momentum moving again.

Also, I have been reading Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson recently. For some reason reading fiction seems to crowd out the part of my brain that wants to write. It's like I can read, and I can write, but I can't do both, at least I can't feel a zest for doing both. It's very odd, and a predicament I need to find my way around.

In slightly better news, earlier this week, right before leaving for work the vague outline of the entire first book of SK came to me in a weird jump and I wrote the whole page or so down in a notebook. Which it a major step forwards because it gives me, if not the entirety of my story, the areas that I have to color within, which is very edifying.