Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dungeons and Dragons (Part 2)

We played DnD today!

So, when we left off last week, the party was standing in a cave, having just freshly killed a human boy-child who, with the help of a Demonic Teddy Bear, had been the cruel leader of a band of goblins.  The party discussed their options about what to do following this development.  Dragon Man wanted to go back to Bahah and tell it like it was and let the chips fall where they would, but Ulfgar argued for returning and just burning the compound down.  Most of the party was uncomfortable with this. 

Luckily, the Useless Bard found a signet ring on the boy, so they took that and burned the bodies of the child and the goblins and came up with a story about him being killed by the Goblins in a sacrifice to their evil god, Bhal.  Dragon Man grabbed one of the unburnt dead to bring back with us as proof they had slayed such beings to avenge the child’s death.  Ulfgar still argued that maybe we should attack the compound. 

The party camped out for the night to recharge and headed back in the morning, the return trip being uneventful except for Dragon Man stepping on a pile of poisonous snakes.  They scoped out the compound upon returning, but decided based o n the guard situation that maybe that wouldn’t work, so they went along on the while Lie Plan. 

It seemed that the Steward Tomas bough Ulfgar’s lies, but when they were brought before Lord Bahah, Ulfgar was less convincing, and Lord Bahah forced the truth out of them, which Dragon Man happily revealed, not being one to prefer subterfuge. 

Luckily, Lord Bahah was pretty understanding!  He was somewhat proud of his evil son for leading an evil goblin horde, but also didn’t mind that he was dead, what with him being evil and all.  It then was related that the Evil Demon Teddy Bear was a present to his son from Makana, an immortal human wizard with a Bahah Blast addiction living three towns over (and 4 weeks journey).  Lord Bahah very quickly blamed Makana for his son’s end, and swiftly hired the party to travel to Ispep, the city of Makana’s residence, and kill him, giving them 10 platinum coins each for supplies. 

The party took the job. 

Ulfgar bought a covered wagon and mule and supplies for the journey, while Dragon Man bought himself a Draft Horse, and the party set off that very day, with the Useless Bard holding the reigns, and Ulfgar, Nory the Mad Gnome, and Henk hiding in the back.  Nory found a strange somewhat magical clockwork toy hidden in a secret compartment in the wagon, but not much came of this at the time. 

The party began to hit a series of tolls on the road, which Dragon Man managed to pay only the five copper a piece for himself and the Useless Bard, as the other three adventurers were hidden away in the wagon.  They bedded down for the night in a campsite including a party of Magical Halfling Bards, and the Useless One got very drunk with them.  The rest of the party just went to sleep without a watch, and Henk shooed away one of the halfings that tried to watch their stuff. 

And the next morning, everything was still there!  The party headed on their way, hit another toll-booth, and stayed at another campsite, where their watch noticed a traveler arrive late at night that turned out to be…A Drow!  But the party pretty much left the Drow alone, and from him they learned that there was dog-like animals prowling the road.  Continuing on their journey, they found one such creature along the side of the road, slain, apparently by the Drow, with a poisoned crossbow bolt. 

Further along, they found a toll booth staffed by men who were obviously not real toll-guards, and after trying to get away with just not paying the toll, they noticed limp feet sticking out behind the toll-guards shack.  They returned to make battle, and defeated the two men revealed as bandits, as well as  their hidden bandit captain.  The real guards were dead, having been turned into phantom tollbooth guards, so the party took along the bodies of all five men on the pair of horses they found there, as well as the toll chest. 

Coming upon the next rest stop, they party found a peasant family being attacked by hyenas!  Luckily they were able to kill most of the hyenas, the last opting to run off into the woods, and used healing spells to save the father of the peasant family.  They then watched over the family for the night, as heroes do.

Coming to the next toll point, they turned over the bodies of the toll-guards and bandits, as well as the copper toll-chest, and then continued on, the toll-guards present there thanking them for delivering their compatriots justice.  They also mentioned that there were gnolls about up, to no good, and the party decided they would have to be more cautious on further travels, keeping lookouts and being battle ready while traveling.    

Luckily, thought, the rest of the journey was uneventful, and they soon arrived in the city of Tek, which was larger than Bahah but less nicely appointed.  Here the party stayed at an inn and replenished their supplies, glad for some time off the road.  Ulfgar also attempted to learn something of Makana the magician, and came away knowing of Makana’s seeming agelessness, and that he had lived is Ispep for two hundred years, in an ancient tower that was all remaining of some fallen castle from ages past.  The party prepared to leave Tek soon, and make their way to Sana Bell, the next city along the road. 

Here, the session ended.

Also, at some point Nory started to decode that text of Eldritch Darkness he has been carrying around, and learned it concerns the history and descriptions of beings called the Old Ones.  No one else in the party knows this is going on!