Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Update

Today I have written, quickly, the last two sections of the story that I am working on. They are far from finished, but they give me a good idea of the direction I need to move in with the story, and a cursory idea of the structural direction of the last two sections. I think that more fleshing out is necessary, so I think my next step is to print up a copy of the story to read, and see what I feel is lacking from the conclusion, what I need to do to punch it up, and what I need to do to fit the story more strongly into the narrative pattern of the story so far.

Also, yesterday I talked with Anne extensively about the ending of the last story, and the changes I need to make to that one's ending to give it a more fitting conclusion. I basically have to rewrite that section, expanding it, and changing the main character's response to his situation to make the ending less heavy handed than it could be. the basic idea is that, in stead of a shocking realization that isn't that shocking, I need to go for a sense of creeping unease, which will be more effective at making the point of the story, and will also work better to maintain the reader's sympathy. I think. I don't know if I want to make those changes now, or in the future. I think I should finish the present story before going back to make revisions, just so I'm not flitting around too much, but I should doo the revisions before moving on to the next story.