Monday, July 20, 2015

Dungeons and Dragons (Part 3)

Yesterday we played DnD!  But I didn’t write up a summary because I fell asleep. 

So anyways, as the game began, the party was still in the city of Tek, preparing to roll out.  The Useless Bard went off to play music in the town square, and Nory the Gnome Warlock went off to summon a familiar.  He headed to a local temple, which had the kind of large Brazier he needed to complete the summoning.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party was eating breakfast, when they were brought a note from the mayor but a young child.  Ulfgar tipped the child with a single copper (much to the chagrin of the boy, who muttered that Ulfgar was a ‘cheap bastard’), then read the note to Henk and Dragon Man.  It was a summons! 

Completing their breakfast, they headed to the mayor’s office.  After their defeat of the bandits, and their refusal to run off with the chest of copper coins, the mayor trusted the adventuring party more than other adventuring parties.  He brought up the recent attacks by Gnolls upon the city, and mentioned that there was a fifty gold bounty on any Gnoll head.  But for the adventuring party, he was willing to offer 100 gold coins for every Gnoll head, and Ulfgar, speaking for the party, offered that at such rates the party would work to root out all the Gnolls living in the surrounding area.

To aid them in searching out these Gnolls, the mayor suggested they seek the aid of the old ranger known as Nightwing living on the edge of town.  Since the party doesn’t actually have anyone good at tracking, they decided that this was probably a good idea. 

The party quickly found the Useless Bard in the town square, then went looking for the Gnome Warlock.  Passing by a local religious temple, they heard the screams of the insane emanating from within.  A crowd of city folk was clustered about it, wondering what could be going on inside, but a helpful servant of the temple said it was nothing to worry about.  It was just a strange little gnome, praying. 

The party decided to wait. 

Inside, Nory finally summoned his familiar, which took the form of a tiny, adorable little bobble-headed Cthulu, a minion of the true Great One who slumbers deathless beneath the waves.  ‘Spread the word,’ it whispered.  ‘He is coming.’  Then it turned invisible. 

(Out of game, Boyle bought John an adorable Cthulu bubble-head figuring to represent his familiar.  It is pretty awesome.)

Nory exited the temple, and found his party waiting for him.  He didn’t say exactly what he had been up to in there, and the party didn’t ask, because gnomes, right?  What are you gonna do? 

Ulfgar filled in Nory and the Bard on what the Mayor had told them, and their new commission, and then the party headed out to the edge of town to meet Nightwing the Ranger. 

Unfortunately, when they arrived, they found not a older human male ranger, but two human females, arguing.  Dragon Man attempted to kick down the door, because he is Dragon Man, and then Ulgar knocked politely.  The party then learned from the two women, who turned out to be Nightwing’s wife and daughter, that Nightwing had set off into the woods a few days ago, but had not returned, and should have been back by now.  The daughter was planning on heading out to look for him, insisting she knew enough about rangering to find him, but her mother would not have it.  Ulfgar described the nature of their quest, and why they had sought out Nightwing, and offered to bring the daughter with them and look after her, and hopefully, with her own ranger skills, she could help them track the Gnolls! 

The daughter’s name was Becky.  Becky was not actually that good a ranger. 

The party set out in their wagon, hitching both the mule and Dragon Man’s draft horse to it, and hiding Dragon Man with the rest of the party in the back of the Wagon.  Their plan was to lie in wait for some of the gnolls to attack them, and they figured this was less likely to happen with a seven foot tall Dragonborn riding along beside them. 

While traveling, Becky took out a book of her father’s, labeled Monster Manual, and began to read to the party about Gnolls.  Dragon Man, who is a lawful neutral PALADIN, immediately began planning ways to kill her, so he could take her book.  (Perhaps the reason the good aligned members of the party don’t notice their Warlock is consorting with Dark Forces of Eternal Madness is that, next to their Paladin, he seems pretty harmless.)

Soon, the party came upon an overturned cart, being scavenged by hyenas.  The party rode up and jumped out to fight them off, and two of the hyenas turned into gnolls and picked up dropped weapons to attack them.  And then a massive hyena emerged from behind the cart!

The party, of course, kicked their asses.  Becky was pretty useless, but not as useless as when the Bard tried using his awesome new spell Thunderwave.  (Ulfgar’s Scorching Ray was also a bit of a bust.)

The party cut the heads off the hyenas and Gnolls, then set Becky to work trying to strip and cook one of the hyenas.  They found nothing much of value in the overturned cart, except 12 unbroken glass vials and the boxes used to carry the remaining broken vials.  They turned the cart over, cleaned out the broken vials, and stored the heads in one of the boxes.  Dragon Man hooked his horse up to the cart, proclaiming that the cart was his now. 

They moved off the road and began hiding their carts, when they heard the sound of hoof beats and bells coming down the road from the direction of Sana Bell.  Heading out into the road, Dragon Man strode into the center, and suddenly a covered wagon appeared, drawn by what appeared to be a Unicorn (but was later revealed itself to be a white horse with a fake horn attached to its bridle.)  The driver was a famous gnome illusionist, who traded in magical trinkets!  Dragon Man offered to trade him the giant Hyena head for something, and the gnome offered some kind of necklace, that made the wearer feel cold. To test it, he asked Ulfgar to hurl a firebolt at him.  Ulfgar did.  The firebolt did 4 points of damage.  Angry that the cold necklace didn’t do what he wanted, Dragon Man stated that he wouldn’t trade the Hyena head for it, but the Gnome Illusionist insisted that the trade was already made, and all trades were final.  Dragon Man threw the necklace back into the Covered Wagon, and then tried to attack the Gnome, but the Gnome played with his head, made it look like Henk The Tank had a Hyena head, and Dragon Man tried attacking Henk.  Ulfgar wanted no part of this and walked to the back of the cart to get out of the way.  A little annoyed by the shiftiness of the gnome, who seemed to have cheated them out of the Hyena Head for a useless bauble, Ulfgar looked into the back of the cart, and nicked the first thing he could see.  He then ran off of their cart to hide it, and on the way, remembered that there was a magical mechanical fish hidden there.  Meanwhile, the Useless Bard inexplicably managed to resolve the situation with Dragon Man and Henk by casting Tasha’s Hideous Laughter on Dragon Man, causing him to fall over laughing before he could attack Henk.  Ulfgar ran back up with the Mechanical Fish, and asked if there were any useful items they could trade this for.  The Gnome offered a lantern whose light revealed that which was invisible, and Ulfgar accepted the trade.  The lantern revealed that there had been a half-ogre in the Gnome’s Wagon the entire time, which gave Ulfgar a bit of fright (apparently he hadn’t seen Ulfgar nick the bauble, as he was facing the other way), and the party saw Nory’s familiar for the first time, but mostly ignored it.

The gnome then headed out on his way, as Ulfgar suggested it would be a good idea to leave before Tasha’s Hideous Laughter wore off on Dragon Man.  Coming too, Dragon Man apologized to Henk for trying to attack him, and Henk was like, ‘it ain’t no thing’. Ulfgar showed the bauble he had stolen to the party.  Unwrapping it from the cloth it was in, it turned out to be a black orb with a question mark on it, the dot of which was a button.  Press the button, and a voice asked a riddle.  If you gave a wrong answer it said so, and a right answer for a ‘Correct!’  Nothing happened if you got the correct answer.  It just seemed to be a riddle asking toy.  Checking his pockets, Dragon Man found that the necklace, which they had thought was thrown away back into the cart, had reappeared in his pocket.  They later determined that the necklace, though making the wearer feel cold, actually protected you from the elements. 

As it was getting late at night, party hunkered down, and ate the hyena meat that Becky had taken forever to prepare.  They set watched, and during Nory’s watch, the second, they were attacked, with Nory alerting the rest of the party by screaming in pain after two electrical arrows nailed him in the chest. 

This battle did not go as well as the previous one.  Nory quickly hid underneath the wagon as Gnolls showed up, and the Melee people went off to fight them.  Ulfgar started hurling firebolts into the night, to try to scare people off, then went out to look for the person firing electric arrows.  Becky, who assumed these Electric Arrows belonged to her father, began calling out for him, and was quickly felled by them.  Nory noticed her lying limp from under the cart, and having been healed a bit by the Bard, was able to stabilize her.  In the middle of the melee fight, The bard eventually fell, but only after Dragon Man had joined Ulfgar in looking for the archer, leaving the two fallen people without a method of being revived.  Henk, like a boss, took out the last of the gnolls in the camp, then found a healing potion on the Bard and fed it to him.  Revived, the Bard was able to save Becky.  Ulfgar eventually found a trail through the tall grass they were in that lead off from the encampment, and guessed that the archer, who had moved about the encampment at seemingly impossible speeds, had fled.  He returned to the party, relating what he had seen. 

The party bunkered down again for the night, sleeping between the wagons.  In the morning, fully healed, they headed out with their animals to follow the trail left by the archer, who appeared to have been using Becky’s father’s bow.  Eventually, the savannah they were in turned to desert, and they ran out of water, and members of the party began dropping like flies and being set upon the pack animals, who carried on like champs.  Dragon Man was also fine, what with his totally useless Necklace that protect you from the elements. 

Eventually, they reached a cliff face, where at one point the Bard had seen figures in the distance heading towards.  Reaching the cliff, they finally found a new source of water, and took an hour to rest and recuperate, not knowing what new danger they were about to head into. 

Here the session ended.