Saturday, October 10, 2015

Dungeons and Dragons Part 10

So, we are playing DnD tomorrow but I never wrote up our last session!  This is because I am lazy.  However, I doubt I will remember what happened last time unless I start writing it up so I better try my best.

So, after the party killed Makana, they went their separate ways a bit.  Nory got some progress made on his evil toys of Madness and Darkness.  Hannah and Dragon Man were attacked by Superdragon, who was intent on kicking Dragon Man’s ass for still being in the city.  Hannah, after getting a few licks in, decided to desert Dragon Man to his fate at the hand of Superdragon.  But, just as she saw Dragon Man succumbing to defeat, she rushed back in to attack once more, and knocked Superdragon unconscious!  This allowed the freshly revived Dragon Man to cut off Superdragon’s head, so the pair could run away from the townsfolk recoiling in horror at the gruesome execution of one of their heroes. 

When the pair returned to the hotel, it turned out that one of the other adventurers had learned of a frontier city beset by evil forces to the North, and Dragon Man quickly recommended that the party travel to their aid. 

The party left the city, crossed the lake uneventfully, retrieved their animals, realized they needed to travel upriver, and thus would need to use a river transport, sold their animals, and then realized they really should tell the Sultan of Ispep they were leaving.  So some of the party returned to Ispep to talk to the Sultan, and some went about securing them passage north. 

The party in the city managed to gain a short order audience with the Sultan and his heretofore mysterious backers, who turned out to be evil Drow and evil dwarves who are willing to partner with evil Drow.  The party members hightailed it out of there as politely as they could, promising absolutely no commitments on the part if the Orebreaker Clan.  As soon as they were out of sight Ulfgar sent what amounted to an ABORT ABORT message to his fellow Orebreakers, which is to say that he explained the nature of the people wanting to draw them into business.

On the other shore of the lake, the party found passage on a strange ship run by merely a halfing and a wizened wizard who powered the craft through the steady application of wind spells.  Within a couple of days the party was attacked by huge muck creatures, one of whom almost carried a knocked out Ulfgar away in the current, but he was saved by the Useless Bard diving into the water after his swiftly passing corpse. 

Later, the party boat passed between a pack of fairies lights and a ship of pirates.  When the fairy lights attacked, the pirates stayed off to the side, planning to take the ship upon the deaths of the inhabitants at the hands of the fairy lights.  However, after Ulfgar set off a Fireball and the Useless Bard unleashed a Thunder Wave in the destruction of the sprites, the pirates decided that such magic users were too much trouble for them to deal with, and sped off. 

Eventually, the party made up to the village from which the trail led to the village they were searching for.  There they heard tales from the other people fleeing the city, saying it had been overrun by orcs or something.  There was no vacancy in the inn within the village, but the barkeep was very dumb, so Nory managed to trick him into giving him the room of someone else who had reserved one.  The party than prepped for the journey ahead! 

That’s all I remember!