Saturday, March 5, 2011


On the planet Venn-La, the dominant species, a race of intelligent beings who call themselves kuls, have long ago learned how to use magic.  After an initial stage of tool developement they began to move more and more to a dependance on the mystic arts.

They build buildings by shaping the earth, create weapons by molding the rare materials.  Feed themselves by creating cauldrons of plenty, or bewitching creatures from the seas, or gardens by controlling the flowering of plants.  They light their houses with orbs of energy floating in the air.  They cook in furnaces lit with magic fires.  They communicate across vat distances by water pools, and in hulls with flying spells cast upon them.  They teleport from city to city.  They have built cities in the air, on mountains upturned and made to float by ancient spells.  They keep cities that float upon the seas. 

Their are two types of Kuls, those with magic, and those without.  The magical ones all have green skin, and are called mors.  Those without magic are orange skinned and called wors.  Kuls of both skin types can breed with one another, and have children of different colors.  Wors have children who are mors, and mors have children you are wors.  Only about one tenth of kuls are mors, and they tend to be women (there are two sexes on Venn-La).  Those born wors train to be great fighters, or fine artisnas, creating the simple tools that will aid the Mors in doing the magic that runs society.