Friday, September 25, 2015

Dungeons and Dragons Part 9

Last week we played DnD but I did not post about it because I have been lazy all week.  But honestly, not much happened, at least not much that can be written in a write-up.

Last week, the party was trying to figure out what to do with scraps of paper and figuring out the order the lenses needed to be put in to open the ‘demesne’ (a word I did not know the meaning of!) of Makana’s father.  As the session began, the Useless Bard showed up, whining about how he had lost his lute in the Fay Wild, and with Makana in tow.  Makana looked like shit and blamed it on saving Useless Bard but really it was from being all coked up on Bahah Blast, but Ulfgar wasn’t having it and hit Makana with a Scorching Ray. 

Makana seemed to shrug it off, and, when the rest of the party stood around shrugging and not attacking Makana like Ulfgar was pretty sure they had talked over that they would do, Ulfgar changed course by necessity and they went back to trying to figure out the order of the lenses.  Eventually the order was determined with some crucial insights from Makana, and the portal was opened to the demesne. 

It was a room, with a guard, who was an enchanted suit of armor, and who immediately announced its intention of killing the party.  So, the party and Makana began fighting it.  But!  It quickly became obvious that arcane spells had no effect upon it.   So, when Makana’s first attack turned out to be a massive fireball that hurt everybody except the guard, Ulfgar focused his scorching rays on Makana, not the guard, because he really didn’t like him anymore. 

Eventually, the guard crumbled.  And the Useless Bard found a bag inside him that everyone saw him try to hide!  But!  Ulfgar refused to stop attacking Makana with Scorching Rays!

So Makana laid Ulfgar out with a Magic Missile.

Magic Missile is a first level spell.  It consists of three points of energy, each dealing damage.  For every spell level slot you move up the casting, you gain an additional point of energy.  Makana’s Magic Missile consisted of 11 points of light.  Do the math. 

And the party didn’t want to fight Makana.  They had no idea what came out their crazy dwarf friend!  Ha Ha!  Let’s just stand around and not fight now!

Oh!  But then Makana asked for the bag Useless Bard found.  And Useless Bard threw it to the ground!  And Makana was going to grab it.  Hannah, not being a total asshole, ran over and fed Ulfgar a healing potion. 

By the way, somewhere in here, Makana took another hit of Bahah Blast.   He was going to go up and pick up the treasure and  (I later learned out of game) abscond with it, leaving the party behind, but Dragon Man finally decided to follow Ulfgar’s lead slash not lose the treasure and attacked Makana.

Well, Makana laid out Dragon Man.  Then Ulfgar attacked again and got laid out.  In fact, everyone kind of got their ass kicked that did anything useful until Hannah finally killed the guy.  Then Nory, not being helpful, tried to steal the treasure bag, but other Nory sucks at lying so he had to give it up.  It was in a bag of holding!  Nory kept the bag, and the party split the treasure. 

Then they cut off Makana’s head and threw it in the bag of holding.  That felt good.  He deserved it.

The party, pretty much all on death’s door at this point, decided to take a long rest. 

Now, Makana, being a real asshole, had, it turned out, cast a spell that blocked the portal the party had entered through.  So the party had to figure a new way out.  Luckily, they found three scrolls of teleport on his headless corpse! 
Ulfgar tried casting it, but, as I had been rolling terribly all session, the spell failed.  Then the Useless Bard, who had been rolling pretty well, and has a higher charisma bonus, tried, and got it on the second time, and teleported all of us into the room we had just left. 

Suddenly, we remembered that the room had no doors.  Perhaps we should have teleported to another place that wasn’t so precariously positioned! 

The party started working the stones in one of the walls.  Pulling it out, the party found themselves staring down the side of the tower, from high up in the sky.  So, Ulfgar cast Spider Climb on the party (I knew that would come in handy at some point!) and they all walked down to the street.

Then they went back to the hotel.  Their rooms were waiting for them.  Ulfgar sent a letter to the Sultan letting them know the task was done.  Then they took a load off. 

That was it!  No Cliffhanger!