Monday, May 21, 2007



Well, more non-posting from me during the past week. See, just after finishing my rather long last post, I got all jazzed, and started writing something new. But, I then failed to do any writing for the last week and a half. Didn't write anything. I got two pages in, then stopped, and the result was that I didn't bother writing anything at all during that time. I was saving the post until after I finished the thing I was working on, but then I didn't do any more work on it, until at this point, I figure it is just necessary to write a post on my lack of work on that piece. Here it is.

Funny thing about that thing I wrote. I tried writing it in a word document, but I couldn't get anywhere, so I gave up and started typing it in the posting section of this blog, and was quickly able to get underway writing. (I cut and pasted the story into a word file every couple of paragraphs.) It's as if I have a mental block on writing when I am doing it outside of a blog post, which I attribute to my past history of running a Deadjournal, and all the carefree typing I used to do in there. Typing in a Word file always seems to be something I did for papers, so I must associate it mentally with strenuous, careful thought, which oftentimes makes it hard to get the creative juices flying. Just now, I was trying to edit and start writing the story again in the word file, and it just wasn't working. Am I stuck in doing all my writing in small text boxes?