Sunday, November 27, 2011

Superheroes and Supervillians and their DnD alignments

Superman: Lawful Good
Batman: Lawful Good
Spiderman: Neutral Good
Captain America: Probably Lawful Good, but maybe Neutral
Punisher: Lawful Neutral
Daredevil: Lawful Good, duh
Wonder Woman: Lawful Good
Wolverine: Chaotic Good (but often pretty close to Neutral)
Professor X: Neutral Good
Cyclops: Lawful Good
The Hulk: Chaotic Neutral

Doctor Doom: Lawful Evil
Joker: oh boy is he ever Chaotic Evil
Green Goblin: Chaotic Evil
Galactus: True Neutral
Thanos: Neutral Evil
Bullseye: Chaotic Evil
Lex Luthor: Lawful Evil
Magneto: Lawful Neutral
Sabretooth: Chaotic Evil
Venom: Chaotic Neutral
Carnage: Chaotic Evil
Doomsday: Neutral Evil
Darkseid: Lawful Evil