Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Yes, it's healthy, but God! At what cost?"

I went jogging today. Or at least, I attempted to go jogging.  Last night I went out and bought sweat pants and a sweatshirt in matching navy blue, costing me 15 bucks, a price that is steep enough fro me to serve as a sufficient motivating factor to actually put something to use.  So this morning I got up, put on the sweats, stepped out the door with nothing else besides my keys and started running down the back alley.  My plan was to run down the alley onto main street, cross through some backroads until I got to Veterans' Acres, the local park, keep to the bike trail until I got to the drinking fountain at the park's edge, a distance, Google Maps informs me, of some 2.4 miles, and then come back again.  Instead, by the time I got to the entrance of the bike trail, I was completely exhausted, overheated, with sweat coming out of my nose, barely able to keep walking.  This was a distance of nearly exactly one mile.  So I ran one mile and was out of it.  Awesome.

I kept walking on for a while and ran a little bit here and there until I got to the top of the hill by the power lines, about an additional half mile.  Then I turned around and about half walked half ran the rest of the distance back, so all told a round trip of about 3 miles with probably around half that distance, maybe more, actually running. (I spent more time walking but probably covered more distance running. Well, jogging.)  All told it took me about 40 minutes.

So yeah.  I thought I would cover a five mile jogging circuit, jogging all the way, and instead I did a three mile jogging circuit, not nearly jogging all the way.  When I got back, I felt exhausted and worn out and like there were just waves and waves of heat coming off my body that just wouldn't stop.  You know, when I do push ups or sit ups, it's troublesome, but kind of nice, because you get that rush of endorphins from it, you know. It makes you feel better and ready to move on to the next thing.  Not so with jogging.  Jogging just makes you feel terrible. 

Sigh. I am probably going to have to keep at it. I already spent fifteen bucks!