Sunday, May 23, 2010


I have no idea who, if anybody, still reads or has ever read this blog, but I figure it is a good move to point out that I have started a new blog.  It is called Mnemopolis, and it will be nothing but fiction, and one specific piece of fiction at that, told over a series of posts going up every Friday.  I will probably post here from time to time, too, if the mood moves me, but for the most part this is it.  I don't really have anything substantial to say on the internet that I don't say in the comments on Cogitamus, (whether it's on-topic or not) so why bother retyping anything over here?  The rest of the time I should just be writing fiction.

I like the idea of posting Mnemopolis on a blog too.  Of any of my various projects, it's the one that seems most suited.  Besides, the world needs more fiction.  There are plenty of essays, and memoirs out there, but fiction, I think we are starved for.  It's become so precious that we don't know that we aren't getting enough of it, because we get so much other writing—for free.  So, if people are going to give navel-gazing away on the internet, then by gum, someone needs to start giving away stories. 

I aim to start a movement.